Proj. Antichthon – My First Script was Moved

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 08.32.50

I have just finished making my first script. It is a simple and quite short script which has only two lines.


Then, the script will be executed perfectly and I first looking the atmosphere of this project(and makes me so exiting).

And I get some tips about TyranoScript and TyranoBuilder.

  • As a good luck unexpected, would it be using full resolution of Retina(high resolution) display…? Because TyranoScript is based on web technologies for example CSS and Javascript, then naturally, it is adaptable to any resolution.

星多面体:Planetahedron – papercraft


Download PDF: planetahedron-papercraft.pdf


Dashed lines around pannels are just support lines for gluing space. Some parts inside it will be obstacles when you glue edges. Please remove it appropriately.

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