Making An Old-fashioned Radio – Progress#1

At the first time challenge, I made a mistake that I did not care about number of turns of an antenna then the first one is not working. But I favourite it as an interior for my room and I do not want to break it up…

So I have made new one.

Making a Bigger Antenna


Then I have caught my first radio wave by a following circuit.


It made me so excited, but I did not understand why the circuit generate sounds.

Making a Old-fasioned Coil

In addition, I have made a coil too.




My First Oil Painting


I tried my first oil painting today.

I was so surprised about rich textures. I have drawn computer paintings for 10 years, but never experienced real paintings before. So the textures taken by tools, oil colors and other stuffs were so exciting. Really a lot of.

If I must generate graphics which have textures with same detail as above pictures on my PC, …I do not want to consider it.

A Mock up of a City

My mock prototype of the stage of project is almost finished. It is made of 2mm thickness balsa boards.


By light from a light source under the base, through a optical fiber, a home the main character lives is lighting up.

 The Making Process

For My Own

For my own, for my story, for me, and really for me…, I have began to make a story, in the day, as my first creation which has the scale that I have never tried to create before.

I want to believe that I progress this project “for my own”, not for others.

Still I am in sttrugle, to get back me from somewhere which bind me, and put me at the center of my mind, of my world, again, as the old days.

Proj. Antichthon – Begin to Search Musics

For the past a week, to use musics as BGMs in my project, I have found cites distributing free music materials. Then I found and some awesome musics.

  • hitori-bochi(ひとりぼっち, means lonely)
  • kumotta-mado(曇った窓, means a dimmed window)
  • yosagiri(夜砂霧, a rustle night)

Especially, I love hitori-bochi because of the meaning “lonely” which fit a theme of this project.

I have been motivated well. Finding great artworks is good to motivate, to create own works.