My First Love is Over

Yesterday, I send last message to one I love, to apologise about my immatureness; when I am 26 years old, at a winter morning.

It is a end of my 8 years.

I cannot guess whether the message have been read, though, I hope that one day it will be opened by her. And if I still be allowed, I want to tell her, lastly, that a lot of thanks.

Making An Old-fashioned Radio – Progress#1

At the first time challenge, I made a mistake that I did not care about number of turns of an antenna then the first one is not working. But I favourite it as an interior for my room and I do not want to break it up…

So I have made new one.

Making a Bigger Antenna


Then I have caught my first radio wave by a following circuit.


It made me so excited, but I did not understand why the circuit generate sounds.

Making a Old-fasioned Coil

In addition, I have made a coil too.



My First Oil Painting


I tried my first oil painting today.

I was so surprised about rich textures. I have drawn computer paintings for 10 years, but never experienced real paintings before. So the textures taken by tools, oil colors and other stuffs were so exciting. Really a lot of.

If I must generate graphics which have textures with same detail as above pictures on my PC, …I do not want to consider it.