My First Oil Painting


I tried my first oil painting today.

I was so surprised about rich textures. I have drawn computer paintings for 10 years, but never experienced real paintings before. So the textures taken by tools, oil colors and other stuffs were so exciting. Really a lot of.

If I must generate graphics which have textures with same detail as above pictures on my PC, …I do not want to consider it.

A Mock up of a City

My mock prototype of the stage of project is almost finished. It is made of 2mm thickness balsa boards.


By light from a light source under the base, through a optical fiber, a home the main character lives is lighting up.

 The Making Process

For My Own

For my own, for my story, for me, and really for me…, I have began to make a story, in the day, as my first creation which has the scale that I have never tried to create before.

I want to believe that I progress this project “for my own”, not for others.

Still I am in sttrugle, to get back me from somewhere which bind me, and put me at the center of my mind, of my world, again, as the old days.

Proj. Antichthon – Begin to Search Musics

For the past a week, to use musics as BGMs in my project, I have found cites distributing free music materials. Then I found and some awesome musics.

  • hitori-bochi(ひとりぼっち, means lonely)
  • kumotta-mado(曇った窓, means a dimmed window)
  • yosagiri(夜砂霧, a rustle night)

Especially, I love hitori-bochi because of the meaning “lonely” which fit a theme of this project.

I have been motivated well. Finding great artworks is good to motivate, to create own works.

Proj. Antichthon – My First Script was Moved

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 08.32.50

I have just finished making my first script. It is a simple and quite short script which has only two lines.


Then, the script will be executed perfectly and I first looking the atmosphere of this project(and makes me so exiting).

And I get some tips about TyranoScript and TyranoBuilder.

  • As a good luck unexpected, would it be using full resolution of Retina(high resolution) display…? Because TyranoScript is based on web technologies for example CSS and Javascript, then naturally, it is adaptable to any resolution.