Proj. Antichthon – Sketch: The World Settings



It’s a wonderful work that now on translating Lemures Blue’s 2AM!

I would like to announce the production of the official English release of Lemures Blue’s 2AM!

After talking with the very kind author I have been given permission to translate the game into English and am currently working on doing so with some assistance from some close friends of mine. As of posting this, chapter 1 is almost complete.

Please show your support for the project and for the original game itself!

I feel the deepest emotion…!

The project page: lemuresenglish – tumblr

星多面体:Planetahedron – papercraft


Download PDF: planetahedron-papercraft.pdf


Dashed lines around pannels are just support lines for gluing space. Some parts inside it will be obstacles when you glue edges. Please remove it appropriately.

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